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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 9, 2014 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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approval rating for the congress and why do you think that this is and what can we do to change it? macarthur: the president's approval rating is terrible. congress is even worse. and it is one of the primary reasons i'm running for this office is the congress is a total impasse. people are stuck in their camps unwilling to work together, and i believe the answer is for people who can work together to be in congress. ..s how we grow. we have to work together. we have to work sometimes of companies that we might want to acquire, competition in the marketplace. it is one of the things i am most proud of in this campaign, getting endorsements from business groups like the u.s. chamber of commerce, the national federation of independent business in at the same time
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getting endorsements from labor unions like the carpenters, the laborers, the operating engineers and others because they often don't get along. and yet they agree that i am somebody that can help them create jobs and do the things that are important to them. we absolutely have to have congressmen and women that have a demonstrated ability to work with other people. >> moderator: thank you. kendis aimee belgard. belgard: thank you. congress is an absolute mess, and that is exactly why am running, to use the skills i have learned, whether as a volunteer with the american cancer society to my skills in negotiating as an attorney, even the skills that i have gained as a burlington county freeholder where i worked across the aisle with our republican colleagues. i am not there to argue for the sake of arguing. i am perfectly willing to agree with my republican colleagues and they ever get idea. i used to say when i was running for free all there,
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one of my favorite quotes is that the benjamin franklin. if everyone is thinking alike nobody is thinking. it's really believe that sometimes you can bring divergent views together and come up with something even better. that is a great thing. right now congress has lost sight of that. there's so set in their ways, digging their heels in the ground, not willing to listen to folks on the other side of the aisle or even think about the fact that they might have a good idea. and i am willing to do that. i have done it as a burlington county freeholder and will in congress and do it in representing the struggling middle class. our veterans, are seniors, you know, the hard-working people of the third district . macarthur: i would like to respond. think the proof is in the pudding, and in order to work with other people in congress you have to be willing sometimes to stand a three-room party. you can't be bought
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store-bought peabody have to be willing to stand for what you believe in. i have to go back -- i have to go back ted eck, two of which have come off the air because there were so defamatory and dishonest. and as said this before, campaigns are interesting. it put candid it's under pressure and then they put you under a microscope. and under that pressure and that microscope aimee belgard could not disavow the ads that her handlers in washington and put up on the air, even after they had to take them down to still would not say dishonesty has no place in the campaign. i don't know how you work in congress if he can't even do it in a cam. >> >> to bring us the ability to disavow your party. as i have said throughout
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this campaign and i continue to maintain, i am not about the label is not of a democrat or a republican but working for the people. that is what i have exhibited whether brian i voted against my party because i thought it was the right thing to do or the burlington county freeholder when i voted with the opposite party because it is the right thing to do. that is what we need more of his collaboration that is what i absolutely pride myself on. >>moderator: the next question is about taxes. there is a lot of news about adjusting overseas to avoid paying taxes in america. belgard: we have seen most recently and the president
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has spoken out with tax in version unfortunately this is something that absolutely needs to be addressed. i have talked about that but i don't like to see as incentivizing companies that are shipping jobs overseas fidelity see us losing companies like burger king in the united states and the benefits of having their companies here. it is unfortunate it has been brought to light as we work to keep companies right here in the united states. macarthur: companies want to be overseas instead of america the problem is the tax code it incentivizes the wrong behavior the tax code
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needs to be simple and flat and low. talk about foreign infrastructure investment earlier for job creation the question is how do we pay for that? u.s. companies as we sit here tonight have trillions of dollars sitting overseas. they don't bring it back because it is taxed the second time. i know from my a business experience from infrastructure it could do a world of good tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of jobs abroad back home what is the chilean debt is overseas coming back of
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$17.5 trillion economy with another trillion dollars was back in the united states? capital is what creates jobs investment creates jobs we need to make our tax code it is common sense we have to adjust to the tax could drive the u.s. companies to the things they're doing today. >> the next question begins with candidates macarthur. [inaudible] macarthur: there should be passed to put the -- citizenship we will not break up families with this is similar to what we talked
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about earlier. immigration policy has to start their. if they pay back taxes then you create a path. meanwhile he crate the ability for them to work i hear that from restaurant owners they want people better here because they need that labor with regard to children and in-state tuition, i will answer my own question i don't believe that children lot better here illegally should get in-state tuition because every child here legally going through in-state tuition there is another child who is here legally who can't because colleges
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have limits because every time we favor the child someone illegally we punish the child of someone that is here legally entitled think it is right i genuinely have compassion for the so-called dreamers' but there are consequences item think they should get the same in-state tuition as the citizens of this date. belgard: and to see that situation i can imagine and caring families apart some don't know any other country
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where they might never even know the language or the culture. so we do that like what we have done before that we're protecting these children who are the immense -- innocent victims. >> it is a general question what would you do to see with nafta? with equitable public education for all children k-12. >> i am the product of public education and both of my children are publicly
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educated they are in fourth and seventh grade now. and i can see firsthand in my own school district some of the difficulties schools are facing. the elementary and the middle schools have lost their libraries. so there in a difficult position right now. so they're more vocal in nature but we need to make sure that we don't have cuts like head start programs in the budget that congress passed this year to make sure schools will get federal resources talking about education we need to look at higher education the budget passed was huge cuts to the programs which would
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stifle higher education i talked about how i think we need to make sure we are investing in education in this country looking to reallocate funds whether it goes to big oil or shifted overseas. education is for here in the united states to play a part of the global market and a global economy i had the opportunity to hear a story recently of a young man who got his medical degree and had a great job who could not get a lease on the apartment because he was so encumbered and that is terrible.
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macarthur: i'm also the product of public education my youngest is a senior in high school. and ica education as local and state function. in what needs to be shaped the most. i am concerned the most about failing school districts parents and students have to have other options. no child should be trapped in a failing school district. teachers and reform are very critical to me. to play a supportive role of education but with regard to higher education in what could take place immediately with the student loan rates are too high and cannot be refinanced students are
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graduating with their ability the federal government should invest more in vocational schools so students could graduate with less debt with the skills of the job that is available to them instead of graduating from college with debt it is a key area of the federal and state government this is the foundation for our future economy. to have a well-educated work force. belgard: to manchin as part of the secondary education the importance of county colleges we have some great
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gems and as a county free-for-all all i can speak firsthand. it is said jump-start to other colleges university institutions and i think we will be part during as well but those who have a difficult time looking for a new career they can learn new skills and that is a good opportunity so we need to look at the federal government that invest in our county colleges. >>'' kind of program would you like to enact in congress? >> what has happened to our veterans is the tragedy the way they have been treated
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under the veterans administration is a national scandal. there is a good deal more attention of what needs to be done. ended deal specifically with veterans with my plan and one thing we can do congress shamefully allowed to allow the tax credits to expire in the wounded warriors tax credit to expire these incentives to hire veterans to get the skills sets would also to be a supporter of the hard hat programs and many of them or throw the country that these help those returning veterans into the construction trade. these are wonderful programs that have full support.
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belgard: as i mentioned in the opening my dad was the vietnam veteran this is close to my heart to. and then having dying to stomach cancer after exposed to agent orange. in with problems with the v.a. very early in the campaign putting together a veterans committee who are in the back to help to with light in meet even further on these issues because it is so important to. they put everything on the wine and they deserve our care. wheezy the systemic problem in washington we need to make sure readdress them. one of the first things in congress is that if patrick
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is in office and would reach out to him because he is so instrumental to work with a the v.a. and philadelphia to rectify the problems but also make sure we felt our promises to make sure they have access. so many of our partners we put everything on the line to natalie get the care that they need but also the jobs to help them put food on the table because they have done everything for us. macarthur: to expand on one thing something i support this recent action to allow veterans to travel over 40 miles or more than 30
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days for care in a veterans facility but that is important adult understand why we don't have a veterans' hospital period. we need one near the base. we have the largest veterans' population in the state one of the largest in the country in fact, one of the largest military communities in the country. we should have and be a facility to create jobs building it and running and most important to serve our veterans. belgard: i agree with mr. macarthur that the recent passage by washington the legislation to allow for veterans for a facility is a
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step in the right direction. but i do have concerns that veterans may not get from the specialized care that are not v.a. facilities despite the clean problem it does have the ability to make sure for example, ptsd victims so we need to continue to experience on going forward so the veterans get the specialized care that they need. >>moderator: the next is a question from your audience. you were legislating for minimum-wage or with the federal minimum wage? belgard: i do support legislation that would raise the minimum wage. this is an issue that is long overdue in this
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country. as i mentioned earlier, a two-thirds of the people are women. those who try to put food on the table. trying to make a fair wage for their families. there are other benefits like to mention earlier to raise the minimum wage alone could reduce the shortfall by one-third. the right now we have the congress that is not willing to address this issue. absolutely raising the minimum wage has to be part of the discussion and part of the economic package moving forward in this country. macarthur: i have the bits of a different view on the minimum wage i believe it is best done at the state level. i never understood how
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federal minimum wage can cover rural alabama and suburban new jersey at the same time and i think state minimum wages are more responsive to local constituencies. new jersey has a higher minimum wage and the federal and it is being raised again soon by constitutional amendment. also it allows people to move off of minimum-wage sell whole focus is to get people into good paying permanent jobs to get them the training that they need and get moving in the right direction through tax incentives or regulatory relief or fostering other policies. these kinds of things will get people off of the minimum-wage for their souls and their families --
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themselves and their families. >>moderator: we don't have enough time we did a coin toss and aimee will go first. belgard: thanks for hosting us this evening everybody to came out to be part of the democratic process and also mr. macarthur for joining. is a pleasure to be here this evening. i am from new jersey and my a mission is to serve the people of south jersey the hard-working middle-class families that they have throughout the district.
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we have the very diverse district here in those people need of voice even three years of experience even through the american cancer society to be of voice in its water park. -- edge water park i want to be a voice for the people of south jersey and the third district. and women who are without a voice right now seen with the discussions of people in the country a voice for the veterans. we need a voice for our seniors looking at social security or medicare they
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will not be felt. is the voice for the people of south jersey those who i have grown up with and i love so much. thank you. macarthur: thanks for the opportunity i want to touch on two things for the first is talkers is action named the constituency groups with the groups that can serve them when i compare myself there is a number of comparisons. when i create jobs thousands of them and she would tax them in her local town. men and women for decades for in 2014 and what my wife
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and i did to the family foundation to provide funds from the local church for families that were displaced from the american red cross to help and even opened up our own home to have a mily living in our home for months after seeing the. i have heard many talk about the need to serve marcion the victims. people need real help in service. i have not seen any plan from aimee to create jobs settled thing she has the experience to create them. i have been open this is the first of debate i asked in june, july, august, september and here we are october finally sitting at a table together.
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i think my opponent has been hiding. and i can see the guy a matter of time so i will say this. i say what i mean and i mean what i say and i have not seen the same in this campaign on the other side. >>moderator: give a round of applause. [applause] with those closing remarks will be on c-span.
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and the lack
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simak nylon democrat did i see as a hearing on the sergeant in the mexican prison. i call the president many times in the last month for the release of this man and it seems the president could have picked up the phone to make one call. i really don't think he cares. >> i just got done watching your c-span regarding the gentleman, the marine in mexico.
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i need to complement you and tell you this is the best evidence i have ever seen or heard from any station on the television about the corruption that we have to deal with and the politics particularly the president from everything he is doing wrong and what he is allowing to happen on the border between mexico and united states. >> i was watching the town hall meeting earlier from arizona veterans administration. my heart was just broke with all of veterans what they have been going through there. someone has to do something out there. it is a mass.
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it was interesting to see each and every one of them on tv that they would end up to here with their families have been going through and i pray something will be done to help these people. they deserve it they fought for our country and our freedom. thank you candidates for u.s. senate in virginia incumbent mark warner and his challenger former rnc chair ed gillespie for a second debate this is a moderated by a chap tied and moderated here in washington d.c..
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[applause] good evening. welcome to the virginia senatorial debate between democratic senator mark warner a republican ed gillespie posted by the fairfax chamber of commerce is airing on all nbc stations across the commonwealth on c-span and also streaming life so let's begin by quickly covering the rules of today's event we will begin with two minute opening statements from each candidate and the panelists and i will pose questions strictly to the candidates they are determined by nbc news and have not been reviewed by the candidates or the fairfax chamber. each will have one minute 30 seconds to respond and the kennedy answering first also get an additional one minutes to reply. as moderator i do reserve the right to follow as needed and we will conclude that debate with a one
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minute closing statement the device will notify candidates a remaining time in which it has expired we ask the candidates to observe these time limits. however panelists' spending 13 years reporting over for virginia governor's and we have the northern virginia bureau chief covering news over 20 years than the national political correspondent and she wrote for "time" magazine for over of a decade now whispering in the candidates. ed gillespie. [applause] and democratic incumbent senator mark warner. [applause] mr. gillespie you won the toss you can begin with your opening statement. gillespie: good to be with you again and with the chamber i look forward to
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talking about might agenda for economic growth which will be a new and better direction than the warner policies on what future generations to have the same opportunities i have had my a grandfather's my parents never went to college but i could be counselor to the president of united states of america but i fear we are losing that upward mobility as a result of the obama warner policies that is why put together the economic growth plan because the policies are squeezing hard-working virginians between floors taken pay reduced hours and higher prices for health care, energy, food and making us less safe destination less able to meet the growing threats to public health and safety that is why speak on the senate armed service committee to stand up for
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veterans and also to put forward these policies to create jobs and raise take-home pay to lift people out of health care and reduce energy prices my policy will ease on hard-working virginians and we need that today under the obama warner policy for every new job created to people have gone on food stamps. 65,000 women are living in poverty, a 250,000 will have health care plans canceled as a result of the affordable care act, obamacare that the senator still supports. under these obama warner policies there are too many things that should be better left to state and local governments and failing at to anythings it should be doing right of my policies will make things better.
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thank you. warner: good to see a late to think the fairfax chamber it is the honor of my life to serve virginia first as governor than as u.s. senator. but the notion that everybody ought to get a fair shot we should get a fair shot if we maintain that sense of opportunity in our country we have to have people in politics willing to work together. with the legislature returns the deficit into a surplus in virginia was named best managed state guy brought that same bipartisan approach to the senate that is why i am proud to have the support of the gentleman who held this office before me. john warner i have more legislators supporting me this campaign than when i first ran. in the senate i work on
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trying to take on challenges to make sure veterans get the care they deserve to bring jobs back to virginia to make sure young people are not crushed under student that. on every major piece of legislation to work with the republican partner but my opponent has a different approach spending his entire career as said d.c. lobbyist and opera if he would use every issue as republicans or democrats. he went on tv to call himself a partisan what -- lawyer. his words. the last things washington needs is a partisan lawyer in either party. in these challenging times the world needs a strong america economically, militarily and morally and to make that happen america has to have leaders to work together. thank-you. >>moderator: thank you for
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both the hearing to the time limits at the beginning. now you can have the first question mr. gillespie with the supreme court non decision to review the case on gay marriage. is now legal in the commonwealth of virginia you first opposed it but are you comfortable or accept this decision? gillespie: a couple of points. i love people in respect them for who they are we're all created in the image and likeness of god. as you noted the marriages between one man and one woman and i believe that but i believe the prerogative of the state's to make these determinations i do not support the federal policy in this regard and the courts ruled on this. it is the law today in virginia. i do not believe a federal
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law is the proper approach with the ruling of the decision of the supreme court not to take up of the circuit court case - - . warner: we differ on this issue. i support marriage equality i think it is appropriate we live in the commonwealth that does not discriminate. it is something i advocated as governor with the most diverse administration in virginia history. i think back at those times as early as the early 2000's when companies across virginia including capital one said we need to change the discriminatory practices against those in our community. the supreme court i think did the right thing and will have to ultimately take the issue up on this issue we have different opinions. gillespie: again, as a matter of policy in the
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united states senate while they disagree about marriage being between one man and one woman it is not something i believe is the proper response but people should not be discriminated against based on sexual preference or orientation that is my policy as an employer and my three businesses that iran. >>moderator: you supported a federal constitutional amendment on marriage. gillespie: when i was chairman of the rnc it was the platform to call for federal marriage and as chairman i stood for the platform but in the united states senate with my policies that i will pursue as a senator, i believe a marriages between one man and one woman i don't think it is the role of the senate to enact a federal amendment
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marriage bill. i believe it is the prerogative of the state's. >>moderator: the next question. >> why did congress shirk the constitutional duties without authorizing use of force against isis? please don't ask people to sacrifice their lives and tell the nation had estimated -- debated to the mission. warner: i agree. diving congress should be called back into session to debate thoroughly. because i believe i strongly support his leadership on this issue i am not sure i fully agree with that opposition of force but that will be fully debated. i do believe sitting on the intelligence committee that isis is a real threat to the country where my opponent
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will make charges to support obama and every policy i believe we need a more forceful response against syria and iraq. it is very important for stronger actions. without american leadership there is very little that goes on in the world the and i will say that president has to pushout of maliki government because it was important to be supportive in iraq with a government inclusive of all factions. and he builds that coalition that includes arab and muslim nations because this needs to be a fight there
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should be congressional authorization with the air strikes in syria that would be in the best interest of our country and send a strong signal i would support that to have the healthy debate is required by the constitution and i believe it will send a stronger signal to allies that the united states admitted to this effort that it is not committed long-term to this effort with the potential allies something we need to be stronger as a military and unfortunately senator warner has voted to cut $1 trillion according to the pentagon 306 ships to be the national
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security needs we're on our way to 200 and 60 with 486 billion then another 500 billion for sequestration as a member of the armed services committee i would work to replace the sequestration cuts to make sure we are more secure as a country to make the military a proper priority. gillespie: i have been against sequestration it is stupidity on steroids and i find it curious my opponent you said he would not have voted for the budget control act supported by a majority of the delegation the alternative was defaulting on a nation of debt under economic turmoil i laid out
4:46 pm
again with into reform and tax reform and with the democratic plan to replace sequestration and with the highest civilian honor from the nerve -- the navy because of my effort to rollback. >> can you answer this in 20 seconds if the president ruled out combat troops? >> i think he should not have ruled out. i am not supportive and i don't thank you draw a red line. gillespie: you should not
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take option is off the table if you were not prepared as nolan said nobody is recommending combat troops no one says it is not off the table that is not the same thing that we should not take them off the table. >> it is to both of you mr. gillespie's a senator warner has voted 97% for the obama agenda and you also mention headed up the george w. bush white house and also mr. gillespie gave unanimous specific example of you standing up to your party and senator warner the same question for you. gillespie: there are differences i have. my party has nothing to stand up to buy shares
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things that i am probably at odds with my party i believe in the early '90s when congress passed mandatory minimum sentences in the u.s. we have gone too far. i think we need to revisit those and in particular for non-violent offenders. to allow more discretion for judges and the states to make determinations over proper sentencing guidelines i think we went overboard with federal sentencing minimum sentences i am someone who believes in redemption and reconciliation and i also believe we need to look at the prospect of checking after you serve your time and have paid your price in terms of time in prison for certain jobs.
4:49 pm
you should not be required to check the box as a felon but those who have paid their debt to society they need to make it easier. and for certain positions. >> the opponents whole campaign is based on the bogus charge, the 97 percent charge as an independent analyst recalled the vote misleading. "the national journal" that has a review of all the votes and if i stood up against my party? and i support off the coast of virginia i support the keystone pipeline and we even protested in harris for because of that support and i stood up on foreign policy choices talking about isil
4:50 pm
and also stronger against putin and russia back in march with a stronger opposition's to the activities. and for that reason i am so proud to have the support of the republicans and i don't think that is the case with the political sylvite to come from somebody who has spent their career as a partisan lawyer. >> the independent fact checker and a hutu agree with but it was rated that devotes 97% of the time is true. senator warner's press release is very bipartisan
4:51 pm
but the votes are party-line so he said he supports the into different occasions there was an opportunity to move forward with the keystone pipeline and senator warner voted to block to move forward and there's the opportunity to lift the moratorium to drill off the deep sea coast with bipartisan support as there was for the keystone xl pipeline senator warner voted against it and both of those former democratic senator from virginia voted with the bipartisan side while senator warner cited with the leadership. one of the reasons he takes heroes from both sides is he says one thing but then votes another way. >>moderator: senator warner you have the toe the party line so why haven't you thought the party of leadership and we have not
4:52 pm
seen anyone like mitch mcconnell either. are you all hostages of the leadership? warner: when he does not tell you the analysis was procedural and confirmation votes. what he did not say as well when i voted against offshore drilling because nothing was coming back to virginia have had this legislation if we go off the coast of virginia we should get the same lies -- revenue stream as a breezy and at on keystone we should wait until the science with the epa to make sure we can support this whale as well as natural gas that would free us up from russia and we can make changes to strengthen america. >> caddie's stop the stranglehold?
4:53 pm
>> i will have a simple test for every vote i cast as senator. we'll let put the squeeze on hard-working virginians? of a dozen dial will not go for it medicare the white house or senate leader says. it doesn't use the squeeze i will fight against and promote policies. there are votes that make up the 97%. senator warner of voted for the failed stimulus in for the excessive regulations of dodd/frank to make it hard for small business. he voted for $7 trillion of new debt and $1 trillion of tax increases but has not proposed nothing from it in his entire time in the senate and he voted for obamacare after telling us he would never vote for the health care reform bill. >>moderator: the next
4:54 pm
question. >> it is a segue. senator warner as noted in the opening statement of mr. gillespie and as the "washington post" has reported nearly a quarter of a million virginians will have to give up their current insurance policy as a result of the affordable care act provides realized your campaign has disputed the exact number but at a minimum thousands of virginians will have to give up current policies in many cases, once that they like so would you say? warner: what i hear constantly from virginians they want us to fix health care. 49 years ago when congress passed medicare was not right at first they had to come back and fix it but virginians want to keep parts of it like the pre-existing conditions and make sure women are not
4:55 pm
charged more than men and they could have on the parents' policy through 26 years old. is 250,000 head of the insurance commissioner virginia said that is completely made up and it is simply false. i do think the individual market should keep their helmet -- health care like in north carolina now this is a state issue and there is a bipartisan bill before the general assembly to allow virginians to have the same benefits. also not just sound bites but specifics on specific
4:56 pm
legislation to will back into put in place the ability for insurance companies to sell products across the state lines. gillespie: the fact is we can address the concerns to make health care more affordable but to talk about the refundable tax credits. the to under 50,000 figure came not in a senate hearing in the commonwealth and someone who was lost their doctor as a result of the affordable care act and even the people that are here tonight there is an eye care
4:57 pm
specialist and the pound out last year her plan was canceled they went on line to find another plan with the affordable care act is higher deductibles and higher premiums but had this side dr.. they submitted the bill but they find out it is only for emergency services. now they pay out of pocket just like the woman i meant she and her husband both worked better health insurance premiums is up as a result of obamacare.
4:58 pm
warner: one of the things we need to do it in the senate's is go for amendments. but that 250,000 number from the insurance association it said the number was made up but other states have. to keep the plans that you like. but again in the general assembly right now that ed has been promising his own health care plan 28 days before the election but i have laid out ways to fix it.
4:59 pm
>> mr. gillespie you surprised people we use said contraceptives should be offered without a prescription it is not really one-size-fits-all. i would like to know exactly which of those contraceptives should be in why is that safe for women? gillespie: that is determined from the american obstetricians who recommended there is no longer of medical necessity for oral contraceptives to be a drug and it should be sold over-the-counter but to have them available when
5:00 pm
make the pill more affordable and more accessible. i am not the one to determine which one is the right one. . .
5:01 pm
elbow for him to his plan does nothing in terms of other forms of birth control. and that's because we have had a very different approach. i trust women to make these kind of decisions with their doctor and i don't think that congress should interfere. my opponent shared the hobby lobby decision but said the private sector and liaison to decide what kind of health care women should get and it's been supported by the major anti-choice groups around the country he wouldn't answer whether he wants to overturn roe v. wade and these groups really want to overturn roe v. wade and he's not spoken of at all in terms of some of his supporters who have put forward the invasive ultrasound legislation that all of us in the business community stood up and said we don't like virginia being the subject of ridicule on late night shows that he didn't speak
5:02 pm
up against that. so on this issue, again i like with over two women making their own decision on november 4. >> moderator: was interesting is that the reason that the nonprescription birth control and other non- prescription drugs are not covered is because that is the rule in obamacare. that's the rule that you voted for. if you replace obamacare with market-oriented reforms people could purchase the insurance of their choice. it would cover over-the-counter nonprescription birth control pills and talk about having faith and vitamin of virginia to make those determinations and what is the best play in and of plan and policy for them and their medical needs not to have this has prescription or proscription in terms of what plans you cannot buy and we will tell you what you can and cannot buy and in the response to
5:03 pm
approving it is to add the fourth plan that could tell the women of virginia what they can and cannot cannot do by hand by the way women in virginia as i mentioned are seeing their health insurance premiums skyrocket and out-of-pocket expenses go up as a result. >> i'm going to put in a brief commercial break. we want to remind you that debate is streaming live on join us for a hangout after the debate we will be back with more questions and congressional dysfunction all coming up after the break. [applause] >> moderator: we are back live in mclean virginia with the two candidates for major party candidates for the senate here in the commonwealth. senator warner let me start with you. a recent poll found that the majority of americans be leaving the political outcome won't change washington no matter if the democrats control the senate
5:04 pm
or the republicans control the senate. as governor you talked about these deals and you were able to accomplish as a senator that bipartisanship is a mere impossibility it seems. number one, why is that and do you want another term if you haven't been able to be bipartisan? warner: i'm not willing to accept the notion that we can fix problems. my whole career has been how do you fix things. do i get frustrated with what's going on in congress cracks as i haven't found anybody but what it requires is people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get things done and be bipartisan and i'm proud of my record again i think it speaks for itself. what we can do to change its head throughout the congressional district would feel to do his independent redistricting reform that would be a giant step forward in terms
5:05 pm
of restoring faith in the also want to get rid of our campaign finance rules that the citizens united case but my opponent supports. the supreme court got it wrong i think we ought to get rid of all super packs and outside money as a matter of fact i would be willing to just have this race between you and me and no outside influence that would be a step in the right direction. it's been a good idea to spend like you? off turco we ought to make sure this is about campaigns between the two of us and not outside money but at the end of the day you have to have the folks willing to chuck the democratic and republican have enabled a broad collision on the deficit that has to come back to >> moderator: do you accept the notion that washington is
5:06 pm
broken? gillespie: is classic let's not have any groups spending money when yours is spent $1.4 million attacking and now you want to call it quits? [laughter] i just found it humorous. the other thing is i believe we can get things done and one of the reasons i want to go to washington is as i said in my opening statement i want to see future generations and others seeing the same blessings i've seen in my family. my grandfather was an immigrant from ireland, he was a janitor. my father came here to this country, god rest his soul 85 years ago today. and i got to grow up to be the counsel to the united states. what a country from an immigrant janitor to the west wing of the white house and the two generations time and we are losing that. most americans today don't believe that we are a country where the next generation can do
5:07 pm
better. it doesn't have to be our past. that must be our future and it can be with the right policies and i just believe if i can get there i will fight for those things every day and work across party lines. i have a very simple test and i will share what it is and the democrats are for it. as was hard-working virginians i will work with them and we can get stuff done and i do agree. mitch mcconnell has said and i taken at his word he will open up the senate floor to the amendment and that would be a healthy thing for the process. and i would certainly support that. warner: but i did hear from my opponent opponent did not respond, in that response, and i think that it has a great story being able to overcome the odds that ym still in public service because everybody has to have a
5:08 pm
fair shot and i also know that as well part of my worry is because we have such partisan gridlock. i laid out a specific solutions, independent redistricting reform so that we don't have all this outside money. but what is different is his whole career has been a staple of the elite covert as an political operative elect me and then i will be bipartisan. for better or to coerce you have my record where we've gotten things done and i go back and check my legislation and when we come back at the front and center and we have to go back to the simpson resolution to get it done. >> moderator: is harry reid of the best person to lead the senate democrats yes or no? warner: we could do better in both parties moving forward to
5:09 pm
>> moderator: i take that as a no. mr. gillespie is that i call the best person to lead the senate majority for republicans? gillespie: i assume that mitch mcconnell is going to get him elected in kentucky and he's determined leader -- >> moderator: said he's the best candidate yes or no? gillespie: i like mitch mcconnell and he will open up the senate floor to amendment and that would be good for the process. my amendment is allowed by the last two years. >> moderator: karen has the next question. >> mr. gillespie a moment ago you spoke passionately about your family's story as an example the type of story this country has offered immigrants. back in april, the attorney general in virginia declared that undocumented and qualified immigrants who grew up in virginia and graduated from high school in the commonwealth could
5:10 pm
qualify for in state tuition at the universities and colleges in virginia. do you agree with this policy gillespie: i understand that in terms of the notion of ranking amnesty at a federal level for people who are here illegally that needs to be hashed out to the legislative process and i do not believe that we should conquer the citizenship on people that have been here by the virtue of having broken the law at the same time i don't delete that we are going to deport 10 million people and we should have the means by which we can issue the fresh visas to people that are here if they haven't violated any other law besides the immigration law if they pay back taxes and demonstrate self-sufficiency which has always been a hallmark of our immigration system that i believe we have to do this in the legislative process and i also believed by the way that that starts with securing our border and the fact that we have
5:11 pm
a southern border today is not just an immigration concern. at the national security concern with the growing threat of isis were isil and the public health threat and public health safety threat with the growing concerns. so i believe we need to have a legislative approach to secure the borders and that may allow us to welcome people here legally commit people like my father in a rational system and then with these reforms that address h. one b. and others but also 40% of people that are hereby overstaying their visa we can fix that and allow us to have visas for the people that are here now. warner: the immigration system is broken. it needs to be fixed. the thing is the senate actually
5:12 pm
put together a bipartisan plan that would do that. it took first then we had to increase border security. in more than doubles border security. it takes on the issue i have worked on was the senator from kansas how we deal with the issue on the h1b visa and graduated from j. george mason university tech. they say they have to go to canada for those jobs. it took on as well the question of guest workers and what do you do with undocumented in terms of the back taxes and a series of others. this bill was supported by 68 senators and by business, labor and faith groups. was it perfect? maybe not that we got nothing back from the house and what i find kerry is his back when the bill was being debated, my
5:13 pm
opponent wrote and said if this bill is both good policy and politics and now he said on the campaign trail he's against the comprehensive immigration reform bill and i wonder what's changed, the policy of the politics? gillespie: nothing changed on my side and cul-de-sac looked at my position on immigration reform and that it's been consistent and it has been. i said at the time it was moving through that they need to have tougher border security provisions and i do belief that we need to secure the border and unfortunately when there was an opportunity to do that again and amendment on the floor to secure the southern border in 2009 but have a secured by december of 2010 to 21 democrats voted for the amendment including former democratic senator jim webb. that's bipartisan amendment senator warner voted with harry reid against it. we also had a vote last month in which there was a vote but said
5:14 pm
after the elections because of what the president said in taking unilateral action to confer to make executive decisions as he has done in the past that there wouldn't be the funding to do that and to block the president from taking the action and require the legislation to make any changes to the status and five democrats voted for that. it failed and a senator warner voted for it. >> would you vote again for it as a bill? gillespie: i wouldn't vote for the gang of eight until today. it's dead and i think it's clear that we need to secure our borders first and there's no doubt about that no policy is going to take place in the senate or the house without securing the border first and we had the opportunity to do that in 2009 and a senator warner voted against it. >> moderator: be used for the views for the president acting unilaterally on immigration if there is no bill to you by the end of the year plaques can
5:15 pm
don't know packs don't know what the president is planning on doing -- i think it is better solved legislatively but i'm not printing a position if i don't know what he's going to do. this is better solved legislatively. >> go back to the question. he said he's for immigration reform. the border security more than doubled in the current border security. it had a broad breadth of support if you're not willing to get behind something tonight she said he's not for comprehensive -- >> moderator: eric has the next question -- >> economy here in northern virginia pretty much humming along at this point but in places like van gogh and lynchburg the unemployment rate is noticeably higher than the statewide average writenow. either the governor or senator for much of the last decade in virginia why haven't you been
5:16 pm
able to do more to close the divide between the economic and geographical have and have-nots in virginia? >> one of the things i'm proud of is that virginia has consistently done better than the national average is on unemployment. there's nothing more important than having a job. for the family and everything that my career has been about creating jobs in the private sector and again we were recognized the best state for business. that's how you create jobs in the business climate and there's been some good news recently in martinsville because they added manufacturing jobs at had as manufacturing jobs at a faster rate than almost any other community and that is because we had a growth or an energy which i support all of the above energy policies including cold because we have to make sure we can bring them back home. the bipartisan legislation that would provide incentives to bring jobs back home to america
5:17 pm
and the way that we are going to do that is have a tax code but we also need to do more of what i did as governor when we brought down the company that had a lot of presents even in my best day as the governor, 700 high-tech jobs to russell county in southwest virginia because we split the incentives they put the package together. if we are going to do that we have to do a series of things that continue to expand broadband across virginia. i've been supportive of that and changed again part of the agriculture bill to make sure that the money was actually going to underserved areas. we have to make sure that we consolidated a lot of the programs and again i got suggestions there but that job creation is the key and i would match my record on that not only against my opponent -- >> moderator: mr. gillespie you get 90 seconds on this. gillespie: mike warner talked about his time as governor warner that governor warner wouldn't recognize senator
5:18 pm
warner today and what he's cast for the job of killing policy after job killing policies and when you look at virginia right now, the unemployment rate has been climbing. actually it's kind seven tenths of a percentage point over the past four months. and as i mentioned since the senator took office for every job we've created here in the commonwealth, two virginians have gone on food stamps. i believe that we need to make it easier for people to get off of food stamps and into good paying full-time jobs. and one of the worst things about the senator's policies i believe when you look at obamacare and the regulations and he's not opposed to epa rule from this administration that would result in a 50% reduction to the coal fire plants being closed which would be even more lost jobs for the coal miners but also it would mean higher prices for our electric bills and price of gas at the pump which has already doubled since the senator took office. i want to create jobs and lift
5:19 pm
people out of poverty, down healthcare costs and my agenda that starts with replacing obamacare has tax and regulatory relief unleashing american energy would do those things and that's important because we know there's not just economic value in labor that there's human dignity and work and we need more of our fellow virginians to have the dignity and i will fight everyday to every day to make sure they do. >> moderator: senator warner your response uncapping trade very quickly. four months ago you said you were reviewing the rules. where are you on that? warner: i joined the senators and i said let's extend the period so that we can get the facts right. let's let the science dictate. what i differ from my opponent and i would like to give my full response here that on energy i am for all of the above including coal and nuclear and natural gas. but where we differ again as i recognize there's also a challenge around climate change. i would like to take a two novel
5:20 pm
can see the rising sea levels that's costing costing the navy millions of dollars to spend on grazing the peers because of the affecting rising sea levels. he refuses to acknowledge that. he lobbied against fuel efficiency standards and was a lobbyist for enron. i am not sure that's the approach that we need going forward and i would simply add his economic policies that he championed were the credit card and a tax cut we couldn't afford and the entitlement program that wasn't paid for that drove our country into the fiscal ditch. if that's the plan i'm not sure the country can afford it. >> moderator: he brought up climate change. man-made? gillespie: is evidence that supports climate change is occurring and that man contributes to it. i also believe that closing the third to 50% of the coal-fired plants with these rules that senator warner took a tough stance to say that we should extend the comment period past
5:21 pm
election i can tell you right now i don't think we should close 30% of the plants and we will force more production to places like china, india and indonesia that have less stringent air quality standards than we do so if you care about clean air and reducing emissions than the last thing you have to do is push them to places like that. >> moderator: time for both of you guys -- i have about three or four lightning rod questions. some of them yes or no so don't take more than 30 seconds. mr. gillespie starting with you. started with you. models up in court justice. gillespie: well, i had the privilege and the honor to help guide through confirmation both chief justice roberts and justice alito. i know them both personally and i admire them both immensely. i think they do their job -- >> moderator: to pick one? gillespie: i hope to get them both confirmed. >> moderator: senator warner?
5:22 pm
warner: on the current court? >> moderator: >> moderator: yes. warner: i think justice ginsburg is a good job. >> moderator: what is your philosophy? warner: i've had the opportunity to vote on the supreme court nominees and i think that you need to look for the traditional temper and into their ability to stay open and i think that the opportunities i've had to vote on the nominees met that criteria. >> this is for both of you. as senator warner what warner what is president of honesty five biggest shortcoming and if you get elected to the senate what do you look forward to actually -- that president obama supports that you look forward to working with him on? >> i differ greatly with the president on not pushing more to give the balance sheet in order. we are 17 trillion in debt and it goes up.
5:23 pm
interest rates go up a percentage and then we add in additional interest payments. the only way this is going to get solved is if we have the folks that are willing to chuck their democrat and republican hacks which i've done on this issue and say we have to do entitlement and tax reform i would be disappointed if the president didn't take those plans into push it harder. >> moderator: what do you look forward to working with him on? gillespie: we are in a very dangerous time and face serious threats. i did serve as the counselor to the president of the united states in a time of war and i've been there in the oval office when the commander-in-chief has gotten reports of casualties and deaths with our brave men and women serving in the field and i would want to work with them to make sure that he gets the support he needs to prevail in the defeat of isis and isil and frankly i i prefer him in that regard. >> moderator: last question 30 seconds for both of you.
5:24 pm
what is the job of a u.s. senator? gillespie: of the job is to work every day in my estimation it's to work every day to pass and enact policies that make sure that we can keep the american dream alive, that we can make sure that as i said about the future families and other generations can have the same liberty that i've seen in my lifetime and i think it is to be another ticket for the people of the commonwealth. i've been on the campaign trail and i would fight every day for people on the trail. >> moderator: what is the job description? gillespie: warner: it's to fix problems. that's what i've done as governor and what i'm trying to do as a senator. is it hard sometimes? a man. but i would never give into the kind of citizen that says that america isn't the greatest country in the world and that we
5:25 pm
cannot still fix the big problems. the difference between ed and i are powered. he sees every problem through the lens into democrats. i see every problem that what we can do to move america forward and that means you have to be bipartisan. >> moderator: thank you to both of you that concludes the questions. now, mr. gillespie you have a one minute closing statement followed by senator warner. gillespie: thank you to the panel and everyone here today. it was a pleasure to talk about my ideas and comments and solutions that i believe would get bipartisan support on the floor of the united states senate and would help create jobs, raised, raise take on page, left people out of poverty and holds down the healthcare cost and reduce the crisis. that's why i was so proud to get the endorsement of the national federation of independent business and champion of small businesses in america and they understand that my agenda is the agenda that will create more opportunities by fellow virginians. now, i am getting a lot of support from a lot of the virginians who supported senator warner in 2008 because he's not
5:26 pm
the senator that they said that he would be if they are supporting me and like my agenda and we will fight for the take-home pay to left people out of poverty. most americans as i said today no longer believe that it would be the generation that came before us. that doesn't have to be indicated the right policy and those are my policies and that's why ask them to vote for me november 4. warner: thank you. we've heard a lot of negative attacks tonight and i'm proud that there is more republican voters it is across the committee supporting this year than when i first ran. the difference i'm an optimist about america. in the business and the government and in my whole life i tried to be a problem solver. too often of these days these days we end up seeing the forces
5:27 pm
of negatives and the political gridlock say no and i just won't agree with that. whenever we need people in washington who are ready to roll up their sleeves. america is the greatest country in the world and we have to get back to the notion when we see a problem we move on and that is the most quintessential aspect. if we hire that's what i will do. thank you. >> moderator: thank you to the candidates and to the fairfax chamber for hosting this debate. stay with us for continuing coverage all month long for decision 2014. [applause]
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
5:30 pm
shortly after scottish voters chose to remain a part of the united kingdom. the deputy prime minister talked about that vote and outlined the party agenda for the upcoming year. the comments are about an hour.
5:31 pm
[applause] >> before i say anything else i'm sure i speak on behalf of all democrats when i say that our hearts and condolences go out to the family and friends of david hayes for their tragic loss. these were good men. in the work they did a study for hope and compassion the things that everybody in this room the leaves are important than anybody else. we have to take on the cowards who took their lives. we have to defeat to help protect the millions of people who now live under the threat and fear of these merciless killers.
5:32 pm
but ten will not be intimidated. we will not allow this brutal organization. all you've done is unite the people of britain. muslim and non-muslim people of all faiths around a single all you've done is give the british forces who are being deployed to iraq some of the best professionals in the world a clear single objective. we and our allies including in the middle east are going to find you and we are going to destroy your bases and cut off your supplies, isolate you from your support and for the sake of peace, democracy and the freedom of all of those you care to rise we are not going to stop until it is done. [applause]
5:33 pm
let's also take this opportunity to pay tribute to our armed forces including those that are being deployed over iraq as well as the many men and women helping fight dangerous threats against the world. without gratitude should go without say that it's important that we say yes to. [applause] i would like to thank everybody that's been involved in such a successful conference. and those that have been behind the scenes preparing for this great conference. i'd i would like on your behalf to give a special vote of thanks to cause what i was thinking before coming here how are we going to use this conference to really communicate to people in
5:34 pm
the country that it's only liberal democrats that can build the economy and the fair society with an opportunity for everyone i just see the hard work that some people have gone into delivering that message more effectively than we could possibly have hoped for. [applause] they couldn't have been more helpful even if they tried. it is as if ed miller band said what can i do to help the liberal democrats really undermine the point that later can't be trusted in the economy and i went how about if you said same thing about the deficit in the speech and he did it. [laughter] or george wrote me and said nick what can i really do to help you drive home that message that the conservatives can't be trusted in a the fair society and i said
5:35 pm
what could be tremendously helpful is if you singled out the speech that would be the working age call that would pick up the tab for the mistakes made by the bank because in the past and he did it. [applause] so thank you, ed miller band and george osborne i don't think that there is anybody in the country after this season under any illusion now that the only party in the british part of the text for the liberal democrats. [applause] talk about the message. he's had a great thing on the
5:36 pm
square in the days leading up to the referendum and what he said stuck in my mind he said there's something wonderfully great about being british after all that's why we call ourselves "brit-ish." english. [laughter] at the same time you can be black, white, asian indian, african and european, mixed or you can be, straight, bisexual, transgender, christian, muslim, jewish, hindu, sheik, atheist. this got us referendum was liberally momentous because of the scotland's place in the united kingdom and that would be
5:37 pm
eternally grateful for the unbelievable effort. [applause] the scottish referendum was also brilliant because it forced us to hold up a mirror and think about who we are, whole nations into 64 million people these are among the most diverse and inclusive in the world. it's taken root in the politics. the growing movement of people that want to pull us apart. the tribalism of left and right.
5:38 pm
there are different ways that they are all doing the same thing. in the world of us versus them. worried about your job, the do business, the children's future, the way of life but. just plain english, the south of professional self-taught professional politicians, westminster, big business and anyone claiming benefits. [laughter] you see life is so simple when you know who or what to blame. that much may even be proven tomorrow given the uk independence party. that resentment, the politics of fear doesn't pay the bills or create a single job, the modern
5:39 pm
world provides nothing but the false comfort of grievance dressed up as a politics of hope, it is in fact a counsel of despair. why do you think that i took on the debate in the european elections? because i knew it would be easy easy to be defended and we defended the european union and bashing rustles. i did it for the same reason this party must come out fighting because someone has to stand up for the level in which we and billions of people still believe. [applause]
5:40 pm
tolerance can't compassion, openness community, the values this party holds. by the way the funny thing about the preparation is the way that they were so convincingly brilliant. [laughter] labor would defend those values even out of the four years in opposition, labour had nothing to say or anything of any value on the economy. it's always we heard one of the needed to know last week. compassionate conservativism is dead and buried. if the liberal democratic vice is marginalized in british politics, our country will be mean, poor and weak as a result.
5:41 pm
we must not and cannot let that happen' so, we must make our voices heard. that is of course not easy these days. the anger towards the class is now at an all-time high and for a lot of people we are included in that. the british people no longer feel in automatic deference to the politicians and that is a good thing. everywhere it is challenged and in what might be the least fashionable statements made by any party leader. any party has set its growing cynicism by exaggerating and overstating what the government can do. we have all done it. i've been there. i apologize to the disappointment and anger caused
5:42 pm
by the inability to scrap tuition fees i knew that we could never made a mistake again and we won't. we understand the political parties must show by doing. the promise must be built on the record of the delivery. they don't. but it would raise a personal ounce to tell them how we've already raised it for 10.5000 pounds. tell them. we've created more than any government since the war. is that cynical about the promises for the health of young children that we are the first party ever to start providing the support across the country, tax-free childcare and three school meals for instant while fixing up finances so they will be sure that they are finished balancing the books fairly soon.
5:43 pm
then we set off on sunday. eliminating the deficit in the first parliament and then bringing down the debt steadily and sustainably. in the budget and the budget is balanced overall and this is crucial doing it in a way that allows us to invest in britain's the five infrastructure, too. the liberal democrats will more or less but will cut less. we will finish the job that we will finish it in a way that is fair. and just as we are reviewing duties for refusing to saddle our children with mountains of debt we are determined to handle than a cleaner planet. both parties in the government promised but it's taken constant pressure for the liberal democrats at least to hold them to their word and i can tell you
5:44 pm
now a sustainable environment will remain at the heart of the vision for britain's future. [applause] the plan is credible. the party which learned from the mistakes. the party product to deliver the commitments that he made on the front page remember this. they designed and delivered the biggest overhaul of the system designed and delivered. the biggest amount of money going into the education every year more than any previous government designed and
5:45 pm
delivered. those that want to work and that wants to stay at home delivered. it's designed and delivered. one of the proudest achievements it's designed and delivered by then. [applause] >> and that my friends is an extraordinary record. let's deliberate party that has never been before. in the time of the people so
5:46 pm
when you meet people do sure or not about come ask them this how will you judge us? by the one policy that we couldn't deliberate government or the countless policies we did deliver? [applause] fixing britain's economy making sure that every government data recovery spreads into covering the taxes for millions of people, investing in young children and protecting the schools, judge us on that record. wait a year by the years we worked tirelessly to make sure public services are safeguarded for future generations. the environmental safeguarded for future generations, too. privacy protected, civil liberties defended. all people treated with dignity and all children before they even start at school given the chance so they can all live out
5:47 pm
their dreams and live their lives. judge us on that record. [applause] while this party has learned from our mistakes and no band is now promising everyone will be well off and no one will be out of pocket. we don't need to cut a spending. it'll just be miraculously fixed. that sounds brilliant. how does he intend to deliver this? of the last conference he promised a rise in the minimum wage by 2020 which was already going to happen and a one-year limit on the increase of child benefits which is already in place and they cut in pay which this government introduced government introduced in the first week in office. this is a man who is part of the government which wasted a fair
5:48 pm
chance, ruined the economy committee story jobs and slashing incomes if not a single word on the deficit. a man who was part of the government which overrated to trust in the system and yet not a word on how the rebuilding. so much for the radical plan from the opposition. david cameron and george meanwhile say don't worry. immigration can be fixed. human rights we draw. taxes are protected and we can have all of that in europe without telling all the bad bits that we don't like. it can be fixed with a big wave of the union. so how do they intend to deliver this? a conservative ministers have dragged that implementing the border controls. they want to scrap the universal
5:49 pm
human rights that they have enjoyed since the days of winston churchill and they are prepared to jeopardize the union and prosperity just in order to appease. so much for that credible plan from the conservative party. and most astonishingly of all they have chosen to single out the poor to bear the brunt of the final years in the deficit of the deficit reduction while refusing to ask the super rich to make a single contribution. that's the people scraping by on the minimum wage. those that found themselves on their luck, the men and women trying to earn their way out of poverty often working more than one job. given the conservatives are not planning a single tax increase how do you think they will pay for all of the commitments?
5:50 pm
they have no surface but to cut the service they have not perfected. education rights to the bone no wonder we are claiming they are all in it together. [applause] see what you will about the liberal democrats. you may no longer be the untainted party as we were by the freedom of opposition. i am in a no longer be the freshfaced outsider but he still stand for the different kind of politics treating people like adults. confronting them head-on.
5:51 pm
not doing things just because they are popular. trying to do what it lays at the heart of politics at its best. decent people driven by decent values, resolving problems which can only be revoked together for the good of all. [applause] so our mission is to give people a reason to reject the politics, to shun the politics and to choose something better. to do that, we have to provide that one thing that so many people across britain still black and crave opportunity. the government can't do everything for you.
5:52 pm
it can't make life perfect. and no one should pretend that it can. the government can strive to level the playing field so that you and your family can look to your future and see the chance to get. no matter who you are, opportunity for everyone. if you can see you have a fair chance to get on in life, and you don't need to look for someone to blame. if you give people the power to shape their own lives. the chance to fulfill their talent and pursue their aspirations regardless of the circumstances and the anger and the powerlessness and the hope of a better future can take root after the london riots three years ago, it's where some have warned that into some have not. and we will have here a word
5:53 pm
about the young men and women that told of research. they didn't want to ruin their chances. give people hope and they turn their back on fear. yet britain is still a place where opportunity is handed down like an heirloom and not spread around like a universal right. educational achievement and professional development, wealth, life expectancy and all of our measures of success are still tied to individual background rather than the talent they possess. the parties are parties of opportunity. no one against opportunity.
5:54 pm
the plaintiffs they can't deliver it to everybody. there is no opportunity without a stronger economy to give people good jobs and business opportunities, the money to follow their dreams. that's why labor is not the answer. and without a fair society, you cannot create opportunities for everyone instead of just the lucky few at the top. a fair economy without fairness doesn't work. and in the last few weeks there's only one party with the result and the compassion to deliver both, to deliver opportunity for everyone and it is us. [applause]
5:55 pm
and it starts with giving people power over their lives. power listeners is the enemy of opportunity. it's why we care passionately about civil liberties as we do about good schools. it's why blocking the so-called delivering a massive increase because the big brother state in the websites you visit to get the support and the care that they need. while we are on the subject, i say this stop playing party politics with national security. stop playing with people's fears simply to try to get your own way. your communications bill was disproportionate, disempowering and we blocked it once and we
5:56 pm
will do it again. [applause] there are times when the state needs to keep its nose out of our lives to give the freedom to make the most of our lives and there are times when the state needs to extend a helping hand so that everyone can make the most of their lives. that is a smart enabling state and it is hard for powerful citizens. but if there's one thing that i've learned over the last four and a half years it's the hardest thing about being in power is getting the vested interest to give up their hold on power.
5:57 pm
look at where we have been. giving people a democrat say in the house blocked by the labor conservatives. the cleanup of the party funding for the big money blocked by labour and the conservatives. the conservatives have even told us the most explicit terms you can't have your tax because they won't wear it. in the hope of putting more cash without an ounce of the historic vote when we were meant to be cracking on with the jointly agreed plan. we will not see the hijacked or diluted delays. [applause]
5:58 pm
we are supposed to be working together to david lipper data plan but they were at it again. they try to impose it entirely on the tory votes in the house of commons in order to give more say. ignoring the problem altogether. they can both forget it. whatever reforms we will do will be arranged by the british people and about well be guaranteed by our mp. [applause] and they still simply cannot grasp the spreading opportunity means putting people in control in the scotland and wales and the communities in england, too.
5:59 pm
we have done a lot to release bartend by the time the election is called next year every civil part of the united kingdom come every nation from a city out of town, village we all have more power in the day the coalition was formed just as we said. but i want us to go so much further, supporting the strong, prosperous and be empowered communities able to shape their own futures. and anyone that thinks in the next parliament we should cut our losses and give up on our ambitions for the meaningful political reforms, no way. this country deserves better. we get to labour and the tories and we are going the way of the system every single day because the system will break to let people in. [applause]
6:00 pm
.. against the value of vocational qualifications and good-quality career advice. of all the phone lines which have opened up in this government the one that is being the most revealing is the


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